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Power of Attorney Thailand

Empower your representative legally and securely with our comprehensive Power of attorney Services in Thailand.

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Power of Attorney Thailand is a legal document that grants authority to an individual or entity to act on behalf of another person in various legal, financial, or administrative matters. The person granting the power is referred to as the “principal,” while the individual receiving the authority is the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.” Below are some key points regarding Power of Attorney Thailand.


Types of Power of Attorney Thailand:

  1. General Power of Attorney: Grants broad powers to the agent to act on behalf of the principal in a wide range of matters. It is typically used when the principal needs assistance with various affairs and wants to delegate authority comprehensively.
  1. Special Power of Attorney Thailand: Limits the agent’s authority to specific tasks or transactions. This type of POA is more common as it is often used for specific situations or transactions where the principal requires representation. The document should clearly outline the specific powers granted to the agent, such as: signing of specific types of documents, banking transactions, property transactions, legal proceedings, etc.

Duration of Authority: The principal can specify the duration of the Power of Attorney, making it either limited in time or for an indefinite period.


Revocation: The principal has the right to revoke the Power of Attorney at any time. Such a revocation should be done in writing and communicated to the agent.


Formal Requirements: The Power of Attorney Thailand document must be in writing. The principal must sign the document in the presence of one or two witnesses.


Translation: It is advisable to have the Power of Attorney written in both English and Thai to avoid any potential issues.

AO’s legal team assists with drafting or review of Power of Attorney Thailand  to ensure that it meets all legal requirements and addresses the specific needs and intentions of the principal. AO’s inhouse notary public may also notarize the Power of Attorney Thailand.

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Khun Chuanpit plays a key role in assisting clients with company formation and registration of business licenses and BOI applications. She also handles our clients’ corporate secretarial, visas and work permits, ongoing BOI compliance and other regulatory reporting.


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