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Management Accounting

Why Choose Administration Outsourcing for Your Management Accounting Needs

Why Choose Administration Outsourcing for Your Management Accounting Needs?

At Administration Outsourcing (AO) we go beyond traditional accounting. Located in the heart of Bangkok, we are a team of certified professionals, including CPAs, CFOs, Legal Professionals, and seasoned Management Accounting staff with both local and international experience. Our aim is to serve as your Finance & Accounting department, helping you make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

What is Management Accounting?

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Management accounting, also known as cost accounting, is the backbone of effective decision-making. It involves the process of identifying, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating financial information to business managers. Unlike financial accounting, which focuses on overall general company reporting, management accounting zooms in on understanding a company’s profitability and productivity.

Techniques We Employ:

Our methods are varied specific to your needs, employing techniques such as marginal costing, standard costing, budgetary control, break-even analysis, and ratio analysis. This ensures that the data you get isn’t just numbers, but a strategy road map tailored for your business.

Tailored Reporting for Informed Decision-Making:

We provide regular one-to-one meetings to go through your financials, pointing out your performance highs and lows and offering actionable advice. Every month, you’ll receive detailed management reporting outlining your company’s past performance and suggesting steps for improved outcomes.

Cross-Industry Expertise:

Our clientele is diverse, covering a wide range of sectors within the international business community in Bangkok. This broad experience allows us to offer valuable support and practical advice, regardless of your industry.

Global Footprint:

Our expertise isn’t limited to Thailand. We prepare management accounting reports for operations in various countries, including Singapore, Australia, the USA, and the United Kingdom, and provide access to our affiliated member firms around the world through the Alliott Global Alliance.

Focus on Strategy, Not Just Numbers:

Accounting without insight is just numbers. We turn book-keeping entries into business strategies, helping you focus on the bigger picture. By taking care of the time-consuming financial tasks, we provide you with a clear snapshot of your company’s financial situation at any given moment.

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Chief Executive Officer

Point Of Contact

John has more than 30 years of professional experience in accounting and business consulting for a wide range of companies and projects in South-East Asia and North America. He holds active licenses as both a Certified Public Accountant in the USA and a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada. 


John joined AO in 2022, after building up a strong team at PKF and Baker Tilly where he was in charge of the accounting, tax advisory and corporate legal teams, as well as provision of integrated services to accounting and payroll clients. John first started working in Thailand in 1997 and spent 10 years in corporate advisory services. He began his career based in Canada as a financial auditor for Arthur Andersen.

The Most Frequent Questions

Management accounting is specialized accounting that aids managers in decision-making by providing detailed financial and operational information. While financial accounting focuses on the overall health of the company, primarily for external stakeholders, management accounting is tailored to help internal management understand the financial implications of their decisions.

We use a variety of techniques tailored to your business needs, including but not limited to marginal costing, standard costing, budgetary control, break-even analysis, and ratio analysis. These techniques help us provide you with actionable insights rather than just numerical data.

We offer detailed monthly reports that give you a comprehensive overview of your company's financial performance. These reports highlight areas where your business is doing well and where improvement is needed. The reports also suggest actionable steps to achieve better results.

If you have more questions?

A Management Accountant at Administration Outsourcing serves as a strategic partner to your business. Aside from preparing detailed financial reports, they also interpret this data to provide you with insights that can influence both short-term and long-term decisions. Regular one-to-one meetings are conducted to discuss these insights in depth.

We serve a diverse range of sectors within the international community in Bangkok. Our broad experience allows us to offer tailored management accounting services that can meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

Our management accounting services include producing forecasts and projections that are crucial for investors. If required, we can also attend meetings with potential investors to provide a detailed financial picture of your company, enhancing your prospects for additional investment.

Company History

AO was founded in 2006 by  Peter Upperton, a Chartered Accountant and CPA, in response to the market need to provide efficient, accurate, on time and cost-effective accounting reports, management accounts, cost accounting, seamless tax submissions, tax refunds, professional and compliant payroll services, and company secretarial services, in English, from a commercial point of view rather than a compliance perspective. 

The company expanded quickly and carefully, through organic growth, and currently services well over 100 organisations, ranging from small businesses to public companies, centering on the Thai-based subsidiaries of multinational corporations. Accounting services and audit liaison are also provided for our customers having companies in Singapore, the UK, the USA, Australia and other international jurisdictions.

So what AO offers is a mirror image of the financial division of a large public company, providing the same services to smaller businesses who otherwise can’t access such skill, knowledge and expertise in an economic way.